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  • Model: U-SENS-BB
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  • Manufactured by: Graylogix

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HC-SR04 ultrasonic display board STC microcontroller can be programmed to download

This price does not include ultrasonic ranging module

Ultrasonic ranging display module, with the HC-SR04 supporting the use of the display board, the use of STC microcontroller, fully contained 51 series. Users can be a small system to learn

Ranging module, Functional features:

1, display module is quite in a single-chip microcomputer system board, using stc10f04, Qian Rong 51 MCU and directly with serial circuit 232 can download the debugging, IO port output pin, function keys, three digital display function.Two switch output end, but also special to stayDS18B20Connecting end.

2, the direct use of our ultrasonic distance measurement module can be measured distance, you can alarm function by setting distance.

3, with DS18B20 temperature compensation circuit (no need to connect 1820}

4, can provide the range of the system can display the schematic diagram of the system.

5, wide voltage work DC:5-12V

6, you can use this system module to carry out a lot of demo program, download the convenience of debugging.

7, plate size: 44*44 mm

Electrical parameters:

Working voltage: 5V or 12V

Test range: 2-400CM
Output mode: two switch output, output control relay
Keys to adjust the distance: according to the buttons to adjust the distance, in the appropriate range of the output alarm

Press key usage method:

1, long press the S3 key for 3 seconds or so, showing the emergence of LLL.
2, then press the S3 key, the display appears a number (default 100CM), for the minimum measurement limit, the minimum measurement limit can be increased by S1, S2 reduced to change.
3, when setting the minimum measurement, then click the S3 button, showing the emergence of HHH, for the maximum measurement limit set; and then press the SET button, showing a number (default 255CM), for the maximum measurement limit value. Maximum measurement limit. By increasing the S1, the S2 decreases to change.
When setting the maximum value, then press the S3 key, save the set value, and has the power down storage function

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