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Humidity Sensor

  • Model: Humidity Sensor
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Resistance HR202 Humidity Sensor: HR202 humidity resistance sensor is made up of organic polymer materials, it has very good humidity sensing range, stable performance, long-term use, can be used in warehousing, cars, indoor air quality control, building automation, medical, industrial control systems and wide range of applications such as scientific research. Technical parameters: parameters (at 1kHz) Unit: ohm operating range 20 ... 95% RH 0 ... 60 ?. Humidity detection accuracy of ? 5% RH. Description: 1) can detect ambient humidity. 2) adjustable sensitivity (shown in blue digital potentiometer adjustment) 3) Operating voltage 3.3V-5V. 4) output from a) 5 analog voltage output. b) Digital switching outputs (0 and 1) 5) with fixed bolt hole for easy installation 6) small board PCB size: 3cm * 1.6cm 7) Power LED (red) and the digital switch output indicator (green) 8)using LM393 comparator chip, Application: Used to display temperature and humidity, Atmospheric environmental monitoring, industrial process control, agriculture, surveying instruments etc. 1) Humidity resistance module most sensitive to environmental. 2) When the external environment humidity exceeds the set threshold, the module D0 output is low. 3) Digital output D0 can be directly connected with the microcontroller to detect high and low, thereby detecting environmental humidity changes; 4) Can drive relay module directly, which can be composed of a wet control switch. 5) It also has analog output.

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