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TP4056 Charger With Battery Protection

  • Model: TP4056-BAT-PRO
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Product Description:

The TP4056 is a complete constant-current/constant-voltage linear charger for single cell lithium-ion batteries. Its SOP package and low external component count make the TP4056 ideally suited for portable applications. The TP4056 can work with USB and wall adapter.

  1. Programmable Charge Current Up to 1000mA
  2. No MOSFET, Sense Resistor or Blocking Diode Required
  3. Complete Linear Charger in SOP-8 Package for Single Cell Lithium-Ion Batteries
  4. Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage
  5. Charges Single Cell Li-Ion Batteries Directly from USB Port
  6. Preset 4.2V Charge Voltage with 1.5% Accuracy
  7. Automatic Recharge
  8. two Charge Status Output Pins
  9. C/10 Charge Termination
  10. 2.9V Trickle Charge Threshold (TP4056)
  11. Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current
  12. Available Radiator in 8-Lead SOP Package,
  13. the Radiator need connect GND or impending

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