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LilyPad supporting conductive sewing thread / wearable

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This Stainless Steel 5Mtr Conductive Thread Wire for Wearable Lilypad is a creative way to connect various electronics to clothing. This thread can carry current for power and signals. While not as conductive as traces on a printed circuit board (PCB), this thread makes wearable clothing ‘wearable’. This thread is a 2-ply thread and may be small enough to be compatible with some sewing machines.

Technical Specification
  1. Material: 12UM Stainless steel fiber
  2. Gram Weight:0.2458g/m
  3. Strength:2.8KGF
  4. Length: 5 M.
  5. Diameter(mm):0.12
  6. Resistance (?/m) : 27
  7. 12m per spool (on plastic spools)

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