12V DC Water Solenoid Valve 1/2 Inch

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12V DC Water Solenoid Valve 1/2 Inch Switch (Normally Closed) controls the flow of fluid and acts as a valve between high-pressure fluid! This liquid valve would make a great addition to your robotic gardening project. There are two (Nominal NPT) outlets. Normally, the valve is closed. When a 12V DC supply is applied to the two terminals, the valve opens and water can push through.

The valve works with the solenoid coil which operates electronically with DC 12 volt supply. As it is a normally closed assembly, it opens the flow of fluids as soon as it is powered ON and stops/blocks the flow when the supply voltage removed.

Note: While Connecting Valve in Flow pipeline, you need to mind the Input and Output direction of the valve. It will work only if you connect it in the right direction. (Hint: Inside the value, at one side you will find the filter this is the input side of the value). It is not suitable for use with Gravity fed systems

Features of 12V DC Water Solenoid Valve 1/2 Inch:

  1. Compact and convenient.
  2. Easily installed and serviced
  3. Precise and reliable.
  4. The installation direction can be arbitrary Angle
  5. Pressure-regulating valve (steady flow valve) function similar to the water flow switch
  6. Not only can it provide a steady flow, but it also prevents the dry burning.
  7. Suitable for fluids like water, oil, air.


Model 12V DC 1/2″ Solenoid Valve
Rated Operating Voltage (VDC) 12
Rated Current (mA) 600
Operation Mode Normally Closed
Power Consumption (Watt) 8
Pressure 0.02- 0.8Mpa
Energized forms Intermittent
Inlet and outlet Diameter Hose barbs for 1/2″ (outer diameter) hose
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH Body: 84 x 57mm (L x H)
Coil size: 34 x 23mm (W x H)
Weight (gm) 100
Max fluid temperature 100C

Package Includes:

1 x 12V Solenoid Water Air Valve Switch (Normally Closed) 1/2

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