12V Negative ION Generator Module IONIZER HBL-5109 / HBL-5097

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12V negative ion generator module HBL-5109/HBL-5097

The correct way to use it is to use it together with a humidifier, so that it can simulate a thunderstorm and achieve better results. The original use of Hitachi inverter air conditioners has a humidifier, so it is recommended to use a matching humidifier for better results.

Because Hitachi anion generator is a component of air conditioner, so there is no supporting 12V power supply.

The wiring method of model HBL-5109 is to connect the red wire and brown wire to the positive pole, the black wire to the negative pole.

Model HBL-5109 only needs to connect the red wire and yellow wire to the positive pole, the black wire to the negative pole, and the white wire does not need to be connected. Other changes are not required.

The size of the two models is the same, the size is 65mm in length, 23mm in width, and 15mm in thickness.
The version of HBL-5109 is higher, its working power is a little bigger, the actual working current is 0.08a.

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