2.4Ghz External Wifi Antenna IPEX

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Product Overview

2.4Ghz External Wifi Antenna with an IPEX connector and 2dBi gain is a specific type of antenna designed for wireless communication at the 2.4GHz frequency band designed for wifi applications.

Features of 2.4g External Wifi Antenna

  • Frequency Range2.4-2.5/5.15-5.825GHz
  • Impedance-50 Ohm
  • VSWR-2.0Max
  • Gain-2dbi
  • Length : 16.5 cm
    Radiation Omni-Directional
    Working Temperature-40TO+60

Applications of 2.4g External Wifi Antenna

  • Home or Office WiFi Networks: The antenna can be connected to a wireless router or access point to enhance the WiFi signal strength and extend the coverage area within a home or office environment. It helps improve the quality and range of wireless connectivity for devices like laptops, smartphones, smart home devices, and IoT devices.
  • Wireless Security Systems: Security cameras and surveillance systems often rely on WiFi connectivity for data transmission. By using an external antenna, you can improve the wireless range and stability of the camera’s connection to the central monitoring system.
  • Public WiFi Hotspots: Public places like cafes, restaurants, libraries, and hotels that provide WiFi access can benefit from external antennas. The antenna can help extend the range of the WiFi signal, ensuring better coverage and improved connectivity for users.
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