2 Inch Pannel Mount Thermal Printer 5V CSN A1X

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The 2 Inch Pannel Mount Thermal Printer 5V CSN A1X with RS232 and TTL manual cutter is a compact and versatile printing device that can be mounted onto panels or enclosures. Below are some features and possible applications of the 2-inch Panel Mount Thermal Printer

Features of 2 Inch Pannel Mount Thermal Printer 5V CSN A1X

  • 2-inch Printing Width: The printer can print on 2-inch wide paper, making it suitable for printing receipts, labels, tickets, and other small-format documents.
  • Thermal Printing Technology: The printer utilizes thermal printing technology, which requires no ink or ribbon. Instead, it uses heat to create images and text on thermal paper.
  • 5V Power Supply: The printer operates on a 5V power supply, which makes it compatible with various devices and systems.
  • Panel Mounting: The printer is designed for panel mounting, allowing it to be securely installed onto panels or enclosures.
  • Easy Integration: The printer typically comes with a variety of interface options (such as RS232, USB, or TTL), making it easy to integrate into different systems and devices.

 Download CSN-A1X Datasheet

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