5V 1Ch Relay Module with Optocoupler

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Product Description:

5V 1Ch Relay Module with Optocoupler is an electronic component commonly used in various applications for controlling high-voltage devices or circuits with a lower-voltage microcontroller or digital signal. Let’s break down the key features and components of this module. Applications for a 5V 1-Channel Relay Module with Optocoupler are diverse and can include home automation, industrial automation, robotics, and any project where you need to control high-voltage devices safely using a microcontroller or digital signal.

This module can be interfaced with any microcontrollers like Arduino UNO, AVR, PIC, Raspberry PI, ESP32 etc, making versatile to control any AC and DC loads conveniently,

Switching both AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) loads with a 5V 1-Channel Relay Module with Optocoupler follows a similar principle, but there are some differences to consider. Below are the general safety steps for switching both AC and DC loads:

Note: Always exercise caution when working with electrical circuits, especially when dealing with high-voltage AC power. Ensure you have the necessary knowledge and take safety precautions, such as turning off the power source and wearing appropriate safety gear.

Product Specs of 5V 1Ch Relay Module:

  • Relay Voltage 5V
  • Channels = 1
  • Optically Isolated = YES
  • TTL interface = to trigger the relay
  • Relay Current handling capacity = 7A
  • Relay Type = Sugar Cube
  • Relay Contacts NO, NC and Common.

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Product Video 5V 1Ch Relay Module with Optocoupler:

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