6 GHz 5 Dbi Multi Band Antenna

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Product Overview:

6 GHz 5 Dbi Multi Band Antenna operates in the frequency range of 800-6000 MHz, multi-band antenna is a type of antenna that is designed to operate over a wide frequency range, from 800 MHz to 6000 MHz. The “dB” (decibel) value refers to the antenna’s gain, which indicates its ability to focus or concentrate the signal in a particular direction compared to an isotropic radiator (an imaginary reference antenna that radiates equally in all directions). In this case, the antenna has a gain of 5 dBi, which means it provides slightly higher signal strength compared to an isotropic radiator.

The antenna is described as multi-band because it is designed to work across multiple frequency bands. The 800-6000 MHz frequency range covers various wireless communication standards and technologies, including cellular networks like GSM, CDMA, LTE, and 5G, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols.

By using a multi-band antenna, you can potentially improve signal reception and transmission performance across different frequency bands. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you have devices or systems that operate on different frequency bands but need to share a common antenna.

Features of 6 GHz 5 Dbi Multi Band Antenna:

5 Dbi 800-6000Mhz Multi Band Antenna is a male SMA connector

  • Frequency : 800-6000Mhz
  • Gain : 5dBi
  • Connector : SMA Male
  • Material : ABS
  • Color : Black
  • Length : 22 cm
  • Polarization: Linear (V or H)
  • Weight : 24 gms
  • Width: 2.6 Cm

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