Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

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This capacitive soil moisture sensor is different from most of the resistive sensors on the market, using the principle of capacitive induction to detect soil moisture. The problem that the resistance sensor is easy to be corroded is avoided, which greatly prolongs its working life.

The sensor has a built-in voltage-stabilizing chip that supports a 3.3-wide voltage operating environment, which means it can work even on a 3.3-V Aduino master board. A miniature PC like raspberry pie only needs an ADC (analog to digital) conversion module to work.
With a screen and a motherboard, you can talk to your plant. To see if your beloved is thirsty, do you need more water to moisten it?
Specifications of Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor:
  • Working voltage: 3.3 VDC
  • Output voltage: 0 ~ 3 VDC
  • Interface: PH2.54-3P
  • Size: 98 x 23mm (LxW)
Package included
1pcs soil moisture sensor+3P cable
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