CC2500 RFM75 24TRGC2 Refurbished Wireless Module



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CC2500BD wireless module (is a set of FSK / ASK / OOK / MSK. Modulation in one of the transceiver module. Work in the 2.4GHz ISM / SRD band license-free use of TI’s CC2500 multi-channel RF transceiver. The ultra-low-power wireless applications industry’s lowest-cost multi-channel wireless products with powerful digital processing features make it possible to build high-performance RF systems with only one low-cost MCU, including many very useful digital functions (Such as wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers), wireless audio transmission (such as wireless microphones, wireless headsets, wireless headsets, wireless headsets, etc.), such as full packet processing, FIFO buffers, idle channel evaluation and wireless wakeups, etc., are widely used in consumer electronic products, Wireless speakers) and so on.

Performance and features:

  • Operating voltage: 1.8V ~ 3.6V, recommended close to 3.6V, but not more than 3.6V
  • 2400-2483.5 MHz ISM and SRD bands, license-free use
  • The maximum operating rate of 500kbps, support 2-FSK, GFSK and MSK modulation
  • High receiving sensitivity (-110dBm at 1.2kbps, -101dBm at 10kbps, -90dBm at 250kbps, 1% packet error rate)
  • built-in hardware CRC error detection and point-to-multipoint communication address control
  • Very low power consumption: TX: 21.2 mA at 0 dBm RX: 13.3 mA at 250 kbps;
  • programmable output power, the maximum output power of 0dBm, the minimum -10dBm, the data rate can be between 1.2kbps to 500kbps change.
  • Support low-power electromagnetic wave activation, external interrupt wake-up, external interrupt or RTC wake-up system
  • support before the automatic clean-up channel access (CCA), that is, carrier sense system
  • the frequency of the frequency synthesizer to bring the appropriate frequency jump system
  • The module may set up the software address, the software programming is very convenient
  • standard DIP pitch interface, easy to embedded applications
  • Separate 64-byte RX and TX data FIFOs
  • very few external components, high reliability
  • module visual line communication distance of 20 meters -80 meters
  • Module size 21mm * 12mm (PCB onboard antenna)

CC2500BD module Typical applications:

  • access control, time and attendance, logistics
  • wireless game controller;
  • wireless keyboard / mouse;
  • wireless headphones / speakers / microphone
  • Automatic meter reading;
  • radio broadcasting;
  • alarm and security systems;
  • Home and Building Automation.
  • Sports and leisure equipment
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