Dual Axis XY Joystick Module

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Dual Axis XY Joystick Module or Two-axis key joystick sensor module which uses PS2 rocker potentiometer with X and Y axis provides analog output and Z is an button with digital output. It can be used as Arduino sensor expansion board for remote control and other interactive applications.

Product performance of Joystick:

  • Input voltage range: DC 3.3V to 5V
  • Output signal: the module special two-way analog output and a digital output interface, the output value corresponding to (X, Y) biaxial offset, the type of analog; keys that the user press the Z axis, Its type is digital switch.
  • Arduino microcontroller can be programmed with this sensor expansion board.
  • Cross joystick is a bi-directional 10K resistor, with the rocker in different directions, the tap resistance with the change. This module uses 5V power supply, the original state of X, Y read voltage of 2.5V or so, when pressed with the arrow direction, the read voltage value increases with the maximum to 5V; arrows in the opposite direction to press, read the voltage decreases , The minimum is 0V.
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