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GYML-8511 UV sensor module is an Ultraviolet Sensor Module easy to use UV sensor, The ultraviolet (UV) sensor mp8511 works by outputting an analog signal related to the amount of UV detected. This breakthrough could be very helpful in creating devices that alert users to sunburn or detect the UV index associated with climate conditions.

This kind of sensor can detect – nm light more effectively, it is classified as part of the UVB spectrum (scorching rays) and most of the UVA spectrum (tanning rays). It emits an analog voltage (MW / cm2) linearly related to the measured UV intensity, If your MCU can do analog signal to digital signal conversion, then you can detect the level of UV, it is used in silicon (SOI) – CMOS insulated enclosure, the first analog voltage output carrier, and filter UV sensor Its based on soi-cmos technology. The analog voltage of ml8511 is proportional to the UV output. Because of the high output voltage, the A / D / a converter can be directly integrated with the single chip microcomputer without photoelectric conversion circuit. And the use of small and thin packaging, suitable for use in portable devices.

You can find more details about UV sensor from HOW2Electronics

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