IOTPS 12V 400mA Power Supply Module

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AC 230V to DC 12V Step Down Module with 0.4A
With temperature protection, over current protection and short circuit protection, high and low voltage isolation, AC85 ~ 265 v wide voltage input, ac/dc current , 431 precision voltage stability DC5V output
Input voltage: AC 85 ~ 265 v 50/60 hz or DC 100~ 370 v
Input current: 0.0273A(AC110V) 0.014A(AC220V)
Input Inrush Current: 20A
Output voltage: DC 12V (+ / – 0.2 V)
Output current 400 mA
Power 5 W
Operating temperature -20~60┬░
Relative humidity 40-90%RH
Output 5V, min current 0a, max current 700mA, peak current: 800mA, output range: 4.8~5.2v, ripple wave: 60mV
Output power:0-4W(DC current)
Output efficiency: 80%
Switch machine overshoot: MAX 10%
Output voltage rise time: MAX 100MS
Output over voltage: 4.8-5.2V, recovery: Lock, restart after recovery
Output over power protection: YES ,recovery: Lock, restart after recovery
Short-circuit protection: YES, automatic recovery after problem solved
Temperature protection: YES, recovery: Lock, restart after recovery
Overcurrent protection: YES, recovery: Lock, restart after recovery
Size: 30 x 20 x 20mm Approximately

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
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