Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module

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Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator Module is used for 1S 2S 3S 4S Single 3.7V Lithium Battery Capacity Indication. It is an electronic device that is used to monitor the capacity of a lithium-ion battery. It measures the battery voltage, current, and temperature, and calculates the remaining capacity based on the battery’s specifications. The module typically displays the information on the display though bar representation. The purpose of the module is to provide a real-time indicator of the battery’s state-of-charge, so that the user can accurately gauge the remaining battery life.


  • Battery type electricity quantity display
  • Wide application fields: lithium battery
  • Using Method: connect display board positive and negative port with tested battery positive and negative port, digital tube will display real-time battery capacity.
  • when battery capacity is full then all the bars are lit

Display Electricity Quantity Parameter:

  • When battery voltage is over N*3.3V, it will illuminate 1 block as battery capacity (note: N represents battery quantity)
  • N*3.5V, it will illuminate 2 blocks as battery capacity.
  • N*3.7V, it will illuminate 3 blocks as battery capacity.
  • N*3.9V, it will illuminate 4 blocks as battery capacity.
  • N*3.3V, 4 blocks display will be off. it represents battery is less than 3.3V, and the battery needs to be charged.

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