MAX6675K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

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MAX6675K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor is a 12-bit resolution serial K-type thermocouple ANALOG-to-digital converter with cold end compensation, linear correction and thermocouple disconnection detection.

The main features of the MAX6675K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor are as follows:

  • Simple SPI serial port temperature output.
  • 0℃ ~ 1024℃ temperature measurement range, converter temperature resolution of 0.25°C.
  • In-chip cold end compensation.
  • high impedance differential input.
  • Thermocouple disconnection detection.
  • wide range of working voltage 3. 0 ~ 5. 5V, working current 50mA.
  • operating temperature range -20℃ ~ 85℃.
  • 2000V ESD signal.
  • Module interface: GND VCC SCK CS SO
  • Power supply voltage: 3-5V DC
  • Module size: 15mm*25mm

Shipping List:

  • MAX6675 module X 1
  • Type K thermocouple 50CM X 1

Dupont line 5PIN X 1

The maximum temperature resistance of the thermocouple delivered by this set is 600℃, the temperature exceeding 800 will lead to inaccurate temperature measurement or damage of the thermocouple. If you want to measure 800 to 1000 degrees please buy the corresponding thermocouple.

The thermocouple with metal shielding layer, strong anti-interference ability, line length of 50cm, random delivery.

Screw head specification: M6.

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