Quectel L89 IRNSS Navic Gagan GPS Receiver

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The Quectel L89 IRNSS Navic Gagan GPS Receiver is a GNSS device that features basically two GNSS receivers. It has the highest industrial level of sensitivity, accuracy, and TTFF besides with the lowest power consumption in a small footprint. The module supports multiple positioning and navigation systems, altogether including autonomous GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo, IRNSS, SBAS (including WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, and GAGAN), QZSS, DGPS, and AGPS. It also supports accurate acquisition and autonomous GNSS C/A and SBAS functions. The module can be used in positioning, navigation, and other similar industries, Additionally, the embedded flash memory provides a capacity for storing user-specific configurations and allows for future updates.

The L89 R2.0 is a dual-band, multi-constellation GNSS module. It features a GNSS chipset engine that achieves certainly exceptional performance by supporting concurrent reception of four GNSS constellations (GPS L1 C/A + Galileo E1 + QZSS L1 C/A + NAvIC L5) by default. It is compatible with Quectel L89 NAvIC-enabled GNSS module.

Compared with GNSS modules that track only GPS, GLONASS, or BDS signals, L89 R2.0 can receive and track more visible satellites, thereby significantly mitigating the multipath effect in deep urban canyons, reducing signal acquisition times, and improving positioning accuracy. With integrated LNAs and SAW filters, the module achieves higher sensitivity and increased anti-interference capability.

Features of  Quectel L89 IRNSS Navic Gagan GPS Receiver:

  • GPS L1 C/A (1574.397MHz-1576.443MHz)
  • BeiDou B1 C/A (1559.052MHz-1563.144MHz)
  • GLONASS L1 C/A (1597.5MHz-1605.8MHz)
  • Galileo E1 C/A (1573.374MHz-1577.466MHz)
  • IRNSS L5 C/A (1164MHz-1189MHz)
  • VCC: 3.3V and 7V DC
  • Tracking: 100mA @-130dBm, VCC=3.3V
  • Acquisition: 102mA @-130dBm, VCC=3.3V
  • Backup: 7uA, VCC=3.3V

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