RFID Water Proof Wrist Band Mifare 1K

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RFID CC1 Wristband RFID Bracelet Tag For Access Control Swimming Pool And Marathon is used for RFID applications. Ideal for Water park, Swimming pool, Massage room, Club membership, Lockers, Office and Building access control. RFID Wristband (or Bracelet) have various design, it is light, colorful, smooth shape, easy to carry unconsciously, Waterproof RFID wristband is suitable for people underwater Comfortable.

How Much Data Can an RFID Tag Store?

An important element in how RFID wristbands work is storage capacity. The largest passive RFID tags can store up to 3720 bytes, or 3.72 kilobytes of information. That may seem like a small amount, but that is enough to store your name, address, credit card numbers, date of birth, and whatever identifying information the local administrator wants to track.

Ultra-high frequency tags can store up to 8 kilobytes of information, but such tags are typically reserved for use in the aerospace industry. For wristbands and access control systems, RFID tags typically are 3 kilobytes or smaller and do not contain sensitive information such as your social security number.

Data you sometimes find stored on RFID tags can include identification credentials, purchasing credits, vouchers, and even social media integration. So when you walk through a checkpoint, you can choose to have your activity posted to social media automatically. For hotels, an RFID system can even replace keycards for access control.

Features : 

  1. Material: 100% SGS approval silicone, PPS high-temperature materials RFID Laundry Tag
  2. Printed: Screen printed, debossed, embossed.
  3. Storage Temperature: -20°C~200°C.

Chips Option:

1. Low Frequency (LF): 125KHz: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577, HID 26BIT.
2. High Frequency (HF): 13.56MHz: Mifare 1K S50, Mifare 4K S70, I CODE SLI, I CODE SLIX, Ultralight, Ultralight C, NTAG 203, NTAG 213, NTAG 215, NTAG 216.
3. Ultra High-Frequency 860-960MHz (UHF): Alien H3, Unicode Gen2.

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