Super Capacitor 1.0F 5.5V

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A Super Capacitor 1.0F 5.5V, also called an ultracapacitor, is a high-capacity capacitor, with a capacitance value much higher than solid-state capacitors but with lower voltage limits. It bridges the gap between electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries.

Supercapacitors are used in applications requiring many rapid charge/discharge cycles, rather than long-term compact energy storage: in automobiles, buses, trains, cranes and elevators, where they are used for regenerative braking, short-term energy storage, or burst-mode power delivery. Smaller units are used as power backup for static random-access memory (SRAM).

Both capacitances are only separable by measurement techniques. The amount of charge stored per unit voltage in an electrochemical capacitor is primarily a function of the electrode size, although the amount of capacitance of each storage principle can vary extremely.

Specifications of Super Capacitor 1.0F 5.5V:

  • Value: 1.0F 5.5V
  • Pitch = 5mm
  • Dia = 18mm
  • Thickness = 4mm

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