Turbidity Sensor Asair AZDM01

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Product Overview

Turbidity Sensor Asair AZDM01 has a built-in photoelectric sensor. The light-emitting element generates an infrared light source. The light passes through the transparent plastic casing and the measuring tank. When the liquid with different turbidity levels flows through the measuring tank, the degree of blocking of the light is different, and the intensity of the transmitted light is different, and the photosensitive element will receive it. The change in light intensity is converted into an analogue voltage signal, and the turbidity of the liquid is calculated by detecting the change in the voltage signal at the output terminal.

Features of Turbidity Sensor Asair AZDM01

  • High reliability
  • Quick response
  • Waterproof design
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • long life

Specifications of Sensor Model AZDM01

  • Supply voltage DC:5.0V (4.8-5.5V)
  • Minimum supply current 20mA
  • Typical supply current 25mA
  • Maximum supply current 50mA
  • Typical power 125mW
  • The sampling period > =100ms/time
  • output method analog signal
  • Preheat time > =100msc
  • Operating temperature 4℃〜85℃
  • Working humidity 0〜95%RH


AZDM01 mainly used for turbidity detection of conventional low viscosity and low corrosive liquids. Such as washing water testing for washing machines, dishwashers, and coffee machines, and turbidity testing of natural water bodies in rivers and lakes..

 Download Turbidity Sensor Model AZDM01 Datasheet

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