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The vibration motor  PNN7RB55PW works on 3V DC. It is used in pagers, GPS devices, mobile phones, or even toys. Vibration motors are small, electric motors commonly used in electronic devices to create vibrations. These motors are designed to generate oscillating movements, producing a vibration effect. They are utilized in a variety of devices for different purposes. Here are some key points about vibration motors:

  1. Purpose: Vibration motors are often used to provide tactile feedback in electronic devices. This feedback can be important for user interaction or to alert users to certain events.
  2. Mechanism: The basic design of a vibration motor involves an off-center weight attached to the motor’s rotor shaft, As the motor spins, the unbalanced weight causes the motor and the device it’s attached to vibrate.
  3. Types: Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM): This is the most common type of vibration motor, where an eccentric mass is attached to the motor shaft. Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA): These use a magnetic mechanism to produce vibrations and are often used for more precise and controlled haptic feedback.

Vibration motors play a crucial role in enhancing user experiences by providing physical feedback in response to various events, making devices more interactive and user-friendly.

Features of Vibration Motor PNN7RB55PW:

  • Small Compact Size
  • Metal Body
  • Power: 1.5V to 3.7V@0.195A
  • Speed 7500RPM
  • Powerful Motor
  • Size: 20mm x 9mm x 6mm (includes 4mm shaft length)

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