WS2812B-4020 RGB LED

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WS2812B-4020 is an 12mA RGB SMD,4x2mm Light Emitting Diodes (LED) ROHS


  • IC control circuit with led Point lights share a single power source.
  • Control circuit and RGB chip integrated in a 4020 package, a complete external control pixel is formed.
  • Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel receives the signal after waveform shaping and then outputs it to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate.
  • Built-in power-on reset and power-down reset circuits.
  • Three primary colors of each pixel can be realized256level brightness display, complete16777216Full true color display of all colors.
  • Port scan frequency2KHz.
  • Serial cascading interface, which can receive and decode data through one signal line.
  • When the refresh rate30When frames per second, the number of cascades is not less than1024point.
  • Data transmission speed up to800Kbps.
  • The color of the light is highly consistent, and the cost performance is high.
  • Having a reverse power supply will not be damaged.
  • The periphery does not require any electronic components including capacitors.

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