Customer complaints / Refund

GrayLogix process to deal with customer complaints and asking for refund will under go the following procedures:

  • Receiving complaints from the customer through voice call, on the phone numbers 08041211401 and 8105862676, upon the received complaint we request the customers to send us the product complaints through email to but not through voice call in order to keep the complaints documented.
  • Once complaints received, then try to solve it through email or video conferencing.
  • Most of the complaints are through the inappropriate knowledge of the product or mishandling of the product.
  • Will try to resolve issues through remote desktop login.
  • If the problem persists still then will ask the customer to send back the material.
  • Once received we enter the defective devices in the log book.
  • If the defective device is covered under warranty it will be serviced free of cost else it will be charged. All these are mentioned in the general warranty document.
  • The defective devices are tested in the LAB1 and LAB2 to find out the root cause of the problem.
  • All the defective devices are rectified with the stipulated time period of 14 working days.
  • The serviced product is returned back to the customer along with the service test report which has the time stamp on the devices.
  • The device serial number is cleared from the manual log book as serviced and dispatched.
  • An resolution email is sent to the customer with the fault finding and rectification in brief.
  • The customer after receiving the serviced material replies back with the satisfaction of the service.
  • If the customer is still unsatisfied with the product even after fulfilling the above procedures, then he will be entitled for the full refund, provided if there no manual changes, physical damage and or any software changes done to the hardware or devices.