Safety Standard

GrayLogix safety standard for Employees and Devices Manufactured.
Graylogix follows to the industry safety standards of the employee’s workers and the devices manufactured in our manufacturing unit.
Employee Safety:
1) Wearing shoes is compulsory for all the employees in the premises of the manufacturing facility.
2) Wearing Mask is compulsory in the premises.
3) Eye Protective googles must be used at the time of PCB Testing, Laser Etching, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, Grinding, Drilling and IPA Washing Process.
4) Skull caps are mandatory.
5) Using of Protective gloves are mandatory for the PCBA washing and drying procedure.
6) Using of finger cots is mandatory for the application of the solder paste to the bare PCBs to avoid getting hands and in contact with the paste.
7) Switching off all the unused machines and tools if unoperated and not used at the time production.
8) Switching off the mains and UPS before closing the production facility.
9) Maintaining social distancing between the employees.
10) First Aid kit in its designated area for faster access in the event of minor injuries.
11) Fire Extinguisher in the designated area for the faster access in the event of Fire and smoke.
12) Conducting Emergency Evacuation and Fire drill.
13) Providing hygienic toilets to all the employees
14) Provision of both Hot and cold drinking water.
15) Providing training to the employees for Tools Handling and working procedure by trained experts.
16) Providing Machine operating procedure and training using guide.
17) Not to put hands in between the pic and place machine operation.
18) We believe in the principle of too many cooks spoil the food, and hence once person is trained to operate a single machine at a time.
Device, Product, Tools and Material Handling Safety:
1) First most important point for all the employees is to be ESD free before entering the manufacturing facility.
2) Wearing ESD grounding devices like ESD Wrist strap on all the manufacturing process.
3) Disposing the waste lead in proper material review bin
4) Disposing hazardous materials properly with sealed and packed.
5) Emergency buttons provided on all the major big machines and to be used in an event of emergency as described in the machine user manual.
6) Temperature monitoring of the Reflow soldering oven.
7) Using Exhaust fans and Fume’s extractor near soldering equipment’s.
8) Using Noise reduction ear muffler there by reducing about 21dB for the employees operating near the heavy machinery and air blowers.
9) Provision of Standard Tools oh good quality to avoid any breakages an damages to the devices manufactured.