Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit

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Product Overview:

Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit CPU Card for ArduinoTM has two rows of pin headers which fully compatible with Arduino shield. Hence, user can buy various Arduino shield boards off-the-shelf to test the capabilities of XMC1100 Microcontroller.

XMC1100 CPU Card for ArduinoTM can be powered from the micro USB connector or with an external power supply via the DC power jack. However, the DC power jack is not mounted. The XMC1100 device can operate by power supply of 1.8V till 5.5Vdc. On this board, 5Vdc is used to power the XMC1100 device.

Parts utilized on XMC1100 Boot Kit:

  • XMC1100 Microcontroller XMC1100-T038F0064
  • XMC4200 Microcontroller XMC4200-Q48F256
  • 5V regulator IFX25001TFV50
  • 3V3 regulator IFX25001MEV33

Features of XMC1100 Boot Kit:

  • XMC1100 (ARM® CortexTM -M0 based) Microcontroller, TSSOP38
  • Headers compatible with ArduinoTM shield
  • Detachable SEGGER J-Link debugger and UART virtual COM port, with micro USB connector
  • Power supply concept compatible with ArduinoTM Uno
  • One LED as required from ArduinoTM board specification and six additional LEDs


Motor control, LED lighting, Digital power conversion, Smart sensors, Touch control, LED displays, General purpose.

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 Download Infineon XMC1100 Boot Kit Datasheet

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