MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display 8X8

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MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display 8X8 LED matrix module is a very useful and low-cost way to add display in your electronic circuits. It can achieve a different combination to ON/OFF the LEDs. It fits properly into any standard solderless breadboard.. It is a Great display for electrical and test equipment. The diameter of the Led is about 3mm with common cathode configuration which emits Red color.

These Displays are always in high demand in the DIY community as well as in  Industrial Projects due to their multipurpose uses and cheap cost.

Applications of MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display 8X8:

  1. Bar-Graph Displays
  2. 7-Segment Displays
  3. Industrial Controllers
  4. Electronic Panel Meters
  5. LED Matrix Displays
  6. PIXEL gaming.
  7. Character design.
  8. Measuring instruments.
  9. Hobby projects.
  10. Display of symbols, simple graphics and texts.

Features :

  1. Easy to Install on Breadboard
  2. Bright LED lights
  3. Compact Design.
  4. LED Size: 3mm
  5. Configuration: Common Cathode

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