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Product Overview

MSP432P401R launchpad development kit family is TI’s latest addition to its portfolio of efficient ultra-low power mixed-signal MCUs. The MSP432P401x MCUs feature the ARM Cortex-M4 processor in a wide configuration of device options including a rich set of analog, timing, and communication peripherals, thereby catering to a large number of application scenarios where both efficient data processing and enhanced low-power operation are paramount. Overall, the MSP432P401x is an ideal combination of the TI MSP430™ low-power DNA, advance mixed signal
features, and the processing capabilities of the ARM 32-bit Cortex-M4 RISC engine. The devices ship with bundled peripheral driver libraries and are compatible with standard components of the ARM ecosystem.

Features of MSP432P401R launchpad development kit

  • Core
    – ARM® 32-Bit Cortex®-M4F CPU With Floating-
    Point Unit and Memory Protection Unit
    – Frequency up to 48 MHz
    – ULPBench™ Benchmark:
    • 192.3 ULPMark™-CP
    – Performance Benchmark:
    • 3.41 CoreMark/MHz
    • 1.22 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1)
  • Memories
    – Up to 256KB of Flash Main Memory (Organized Into Two Banks Enabling Simultaneous Read/Execute During Erase)
    – 16KB of Flash Information Memory (Used for BSL, TLV, and Flash Mailbox)
    – Up to 64KB of SRAM (Including 6KB of Backup Memory)
    – 32KB of ROM With MSP432™ Peripheral Driver Libraries
  • Operating Characteristics
    – Wide Supply Voltage Range: 1.62 V to 3.7 V
    – Temperature Range (Ambient): –40°C to 85°C
  • Ultra-Low-Power Operating Modes
    – Active: 80 μA/MHz
    – Low-Frequency Active: 83 μA at 128 kHz
    – LPM3 (With RTC): 660 nA (Typical)
    – LPM3.5 (With RTC): 630 nA (Typical)
    – LPM4: 500 nA (Typical)
    – LPM4.5: 25 nA (Typical)


  • Industrial and Automation
    – Home Automation
    – Smoke Detectors
    – Barcode Scanners
    – Access Panels
  • Health and Fitness
    – Watches
    – Activity Monitors
    – Fitness Accessories
    – Blood Glucose Meters
  • Consumer Electronics
    – Mobile Devices
    – Sensor Hubs
  • Metering
    – Electric Meters
    – Flow Meters
    – Communication Modules

Package includes:

  • MSP432P401R launchpad development kit
  • Micro USB Cable

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