RF Cable SMA Male to SMA Female

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Product Overview

RF Cable SMA Male to SMA Female is a type of RF cable used to extent the cable length of the Antenna. The cable has a male SMA connector at one end and a female SMA connector at the other end, allowing for extension or interconnection of devices or components.

Features of GPRS Cable SMA Male to SMA Female

  • Connector Types: The cable has an SMA (SubMiniature version A) connector at each end. The male SMA connector has a center pin that fits into the female SMA connector’s receptacle.
  • Cable Length: The cable length is Approximately 100Cm.
  • Signal Transmission: The cable is designed for RF signal transmission in GPRS applications. It maintains signal integrity and minimizes signal loss between the devices and the antenna.
  • Construction and Quality: Consider the cable’s construction quality, including the shielding, insulation, and durability. High-quality cables with proper shielding help maintain signal integrity and reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Application: GPRS male to female SMA cables are commonly used in applications involving GPRS communication, such as wireless data transfer, IoT devices, and remote monitoring systems. They enable flexible connectivity and extension between GPRS devices or components.
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