Self Adhesive Rubber Feet

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A Self Adhesive Rubber Feet, often referred to as pad or bumper, is a small, typically circular piece made of RubFoam or a similar elastomeric material.

Features Adhesive Rubber Feet:

  • Size Diameter : 10mm
  • Thickness : 3.5mm
  • Adhesive Type-3M

Applications of Rubber Feet:

  • Protection: Rubber feet are often attached to the bottom of objects to protect surfaces from scratches, scuffs, and damage.
  • Vibration Dampening: Rubber feet are used to absorb and dampen vibrations, reducing noise and preventing objects from vibrating excessively. They can be found on machinery, appliances, and electronics to stabilize them and minimize noise.
  • Anti-Slip: Rubber feet provide traction and prevent objects from sliding or moving unintentionally. They are commonly used on the bottoms of cutting boards, laptop stands, and various other household items.
  • Electrical Isolation: In some electronic devices and equipment, rubber feet are used to insulate the device from direct contact with surfaces to avoid electrical grounding or interference.
  • Shock Absorption: Rubber feet can absorb shocks and impacts, protecting delicate components or instruments. They are used on musical instruments, camera equipment, and portable electronics.

Package Includes

  • A pack of 100 Self Adhesive Rubber Feet.

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