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Toshiba ULN2803 DIP8 IC is an Darlington Transistors Arrays Series are high−voltage, high−current Darlington drivers comprised of eight NPN Darlington pairs. Furthermore all units feature integral clamp diodes for switching inductive loads.

  • An integrated circuit is a compact arrangement of transistors and other electronic components that perform specific functions. Also in the case of the ULN2803, it’s a single chip that contains multiple Darlington transistor arrays.
  • 8 Darlington Transistor Arrays are designed to provide 8 separate Darlington transistor arrays. Each of these arrays contains two transistors connected in a particular way to amplify current.

    In this revised version, we’ve eliminated the passive construction and made the sentence more direct and active.

Darlington Transistor:

A Darlington transistor configuration is a type of transistor amplifier circuit that provides high current gain.

Additionally this arrangement results in a high current amplification factor, particularly making it suitable for driving high power loads such as relays, motors, and particularly solenoids.

Features of Toshiba ULN2803 DIP:

  • Output current (single output) 500 mA (max)
  • High sustaining voltage output 50 V (min)
  • Output clamp diodes
  • Inputs compatible with various types of logic.
  •  Package Type−APG : DIP−18pin


Rating Symbol Value Unit
Output sustaining voltage VCE (SUS) −0.5 to 50 V
Output current IOUT 500 mA / ch
Input voltage VIN −0.5 to 30 V
Clamp diode reverse voltage VR 50 V
Clamp diode forward current IF 500 mA
Power dissipation PD 1.47 W
Operating temperature Topr −40 to 85 °C
Storage temperature Tstg −55 to 150 °C


Engineers commonly use the ULN2803 IC in applications where they must control multiple high-current devices using a microcontroller or another low-power control signal source

Typically, the ULN2803 is used in scenarios where you want to interface low-power digital or microcontroller outputs besides higher-power devices, consequently such as driving multiple relays or stepper motors in various industrial and electronic projects.

Also it simplifies the task of driving these loads by providing a convenient and compact solution with multiple transistor arrays in a single package.

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 Download Datasheet for ULN2803 IC 8 Darlington Transistor Arrays

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