1K 9 Pin Resistor Network

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Product Overview

1K 9 Pin Resistor Network refers to a pull-up resistor with a resistance value of 1,000 ohms (1K ohm). This resistor is connected between the signal line and a voltage source, typically a positive power supply voltage (e.g., +5V or +3.3V), in order to pull the signal line to a logic high state when it is not being actively driven low.

Pull-up resistors are used in electronic logic circuits to ensure that inputs to logic systems settle at expected logic levels, if external devices are disconnected or high-impedance is introduced. They may also be used at the interface between two different types of logic devices, possibly operating at different power supply voltages .A pull-up resistor weakly “pulls” the voltage of the wire it is connected to towards its voltage source level when the other components on the line are inactive.

Applications of 1K 9 Pin Resistor Network:

Pull-up resistors are commonly used in digital circuits, including microcontrollers and digital communication interfaces like I2C and GPIO pins. The specific value of the pull-up resistor (in this case, 1K ohms) may vary depending on the application and the requirements of the circuit, but 1K is a common value used in many applications. The choice of the pull-up resistor value depends on factors like the voltage levels, noise immunity, and power consumption requirements of the circuit.

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Package Contents: 1K 9 Pin Resistor Network x 100 Pcs.



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