3.5mm Aux Cable – Stereo Audio Cable – Male to Male

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An AUX cable, also known as a 3.5mm audio cable or a headphone jack cable, is a common audio cable used to connect various audio devices. It has a 3.5mm (1/8 inch) plug on each end, which is a standard size for audio connections in many portable devices.Standard 3.5mm Jack Auxiliary Cable for audio applications. Male to male 3.5mm audio jack on both ends with cable length of  181cm.


  • Audio Device Connections: It is commonly used to connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players, and other portable audio devices to speakers, headphones, car stereos, or home audio systems.
  • Car Audio: Many modern car stereos have an AUX input, allowing you to connect your portable music player or smartphone to play music through the car’s speakers.
  • Headphone Connections: Many wired headphones and earphones come with a 3.5mm plug, allowing you to connect them directly to audio devices.
  • External Speakers: You can use an AUX cable to connect external speakers to your audio source, such as a laptop or desktop computer, for better sound quality.
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