32.768Khz TH Crystal

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32.768khz TH crystal refers to a quartz crystal resonator with a frequency of 32.768 kilohertz (kHz). “TH” in this context stands for Through-Hole, indicating that the crystal is designed to be mounted onto a printed circuit board (PCB) using through-hole mounting techniques.

The frequency of 32.768 kHz TH crystal is significant because it is commonly used as a timing reference in electronic circuits, especially in low-power and timekeeping applications. This particular frequency is frequently used in real-time clocks (RTCs) found in various devices like watches, clocks, and small embedded systems. It is also commonly used as a low-power oscillator for microcontrollers and other digital ICs that require precise timing.

Specifications of 32.768Khz TH Crystal

  • Standard Frequency 32.768 KHz
  • Load Capacitance 12.5pF, or specify
  • Frequency Tolerance (at 25 ℃ ) ±5ppm, ±10ppm
  • Parabolic Coefficient ( – 0.036 ± 0.01 ) * 10-6 / ℃2
  • Frequency Versus Temperature Characteristics 0~ -120ppm
  • Operating Temperature -20~+70℃,-40~+85℃
  • Storage Temperature -55~+125℃
  • Shunt Capacitance 2.0pF Max.
  • Level of Drive 1.0μW Typ
  • Aging (at 25 ℃ ) ±3ppm/year Max.
  • Equivalent Series Resistance(ESR) 40KΩMax.

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