Mifare 1K RFID Sticker Tag

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Product Overview

Mifare 1K RFID Sticker Tag is used for contactless small data transfer with a 13.56 MHz operating Frequency also known as a NFC (Near Field Communication) tag. Can be used in various applications for identification, tracking, and data exchange. The working distance is up to 100mm depending upon the antenna geometry and reader configuration. This is a blank 13.56MHz RFID/NFC tag. The tag contains a small RFID chip and an antenna and is passively powered by the reader/writer when placed a couple of inches away. These chips can be written to & store up to 144 Bytes of data in writable EEPROM divided into banks and can handle over 100,000 re-writes.

Specifications and Features of 13.56 Mhz RFID Sticker Tag

  • Size: 25  x 25 mm
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • EPROM: 144 Bytes
  • Small coin size tag
  • Type: Sticker


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