LPC2148 ARM7 Mini Development Board

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LPC2148 ARM 7 Mini Development board is an quick to use evaluation board. with minimal features for fast production. The LPC2148 microcontroller has 512KB of internal flash and 32+8K RAM. Following are the salient features of the board.

  • Dimensions: 54 X 120 mm2
  • Two layer PCB (FR-4 material)
  • Power supply: DC 9V with power LED
  • On-board linear regulators generate +3.3V/500mA and +5v/500mA from power supply.
  • Serial DB9 Connector for dumping the code as well as for serial communication.
  • ON board Break out board
  • Extension headers for all microcontroller pins. RS232 connectors blink LED.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Win 7 or Win 10
  • Serial or Parallel port
  • USB port

Starting off & connecting the hardware:

After unpacking the LPC2148 board connect a DC supply of 9V/1A to the DC jack to power the board.

Programming LPC2148 Mini Board:

LPC2148 Board can be programmed through serial port UART “0” using “LPC2000 flash utility V2.2.2” is a freeware windows utility used to download the hex file format onto the LPC2148 Board. If your PC does not have a serial port; use a USB to serial converter to download the hex file.

To program the LPC2148 Mini Board in Manual mode you need a half serial cable (which just has TX, RX and GND wire connected). And connect the half serial cable to UART0 and power the board. (Recommended mode)

  • Open LPC2000 Flash Utility V2.2.2
  • Browse File name and Select the hex file to be downloaded.
  • Select Device as LPC2148
  • Set XTL Freq [KHz] to 12000
  • Blank Check: Entire Device
  • Select the appropriate com port (See your “device manager” to find out the com port number)
  • Select the Baud Rate in between 9600 and 38400
  • Uncheck “Use DTR/RTS for Reset and Boot Loader Selection”
  • Click on Read Device ID.

To make the board enter programming mode

  • Hold down ISP and RESET Buttons, then release RESET first and finally ISP.
  • The controller enters the bootloader mode.
  • It will display as “Read device ID Successful”.
  • Click on the Upload to Flash Button.
  • Program uploaded successfully.
  • Click the Rest Button on the Board. That’s it, your hex file is on the board.
  • Enjoy your code output.


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