PCB Antenna for GSM with UFL Connector

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Product Overview

This PCB Antenna for GSM GPRS with UFL Connector is best suited for GSM and GPRS applications providing better signal strength. PCB Antenna is a wireless device to receive and transmit signals, has been widely used in telecommunication system.


  • Very Small Size
  • Frequency Range: 890-960 / 1850-1990 Mhz
  • Gain(dB): 2dB
  • Connector: UFL
  • PCB Length : 3.6 cm
  • Width : 0.7 cm
  • Cable length 13.7cm


  • Mobile Devices: PCB antennas with UFL connectors are commonly used in mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices that support GSM or GPRS connectivity. The small size and form factor of PCB antennas make them ideal for integration into compact mobile devices.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): In IoT applications, where devices are connected to the internet to exchange data, a PCB antenna with a UFL connector can be used in GSM/GPRS-enabled IoT devices. This can include applications such as smart meters, asset tracking devices, industrial monitoring systems, and home automation systems.
  • Wearable Devices: PCB antennas with UFL connectors can be employed in wearable devices that rely on GSM or GPRS connectivity. Examples include smartwatches, fitness trackers, and healthcare devices that transmit data over these wireless communication standards.
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