TM1637 Keyscan & LED display driver circuit

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Product Overview:

TM1637 Keyscan & LED display driver circuit is a LED (light-emitting diode display) drive control circuit with keyboard scan interface and it’s internally integrated with MCU digital interface, data latch, LED high brightness drive and keyboard scan. This product is in SOP20 package type with excellent performance and high quality, which is mainly applicable to the display drive of induction cooker, micro-wave oven and small household electrical appliance.

Microprocessor data realize the communication with TM1637 by means of two–wire bus interface (Note: The communication method is not equal to 12C bus protocol totally because there is no slave address). At the time of data input, DIO signal should not change for high level CLK and DIO signal should change for low level CLK signal. When CLK is a high level and DIO changes from high to low level, data input starts. When CLK is a high level and DIO changes from low level to high level, data input ends.

Features of TM1637 Keyscan & LED display driver:

  • Applied power CMOS technique
  • The display mode (8 segments*6 bit) supports output by common anode LED.
  • Keyboard scan (8×2bit), with enhanced identification circuit with anti-interference keys
  • Luminance adjustment circuit (adjustable 8 duty ratio)
  • Two-wire serial interface (CLK, DIO)
  • Oscillating type: Built-in RC oscillator
  • Built-in power-on reset circuit
  • Built-in automatic blanking circuit
  • Package type: DIP20/SOP20

Click here for the Applications of TH1637:

 Download TM1637 Keyscan & LED display driver circuit Datasheet

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