IOT Box Arduino Nano plus SIM800C with battery


Open Source Hardware for Arduino + GSM with Battery and I/O Ports, Best
Suitable for IOT Projects.

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The IOT Box Arduino Nano plus SIM800C with battery,  to put it another way is an Open Source Hardware for Arduino + GSM, comprising an IOT Box with Arduino Nano and SIM800C, features built-in battery backup and I/O Ports. It is highly suitable for Industrial IOT Projects, Simply upload the code, to conclude and it’s ready for market with white labeling.

Specifications of IOT Box Arduino Nano plus SIM800C with battery:

  • Ensure the device battery is fully charged before powering it on for optimal performance.
  • Insert the nano Sim card into the designated SIM slot, following the illustration on the side of the device.
  • Download and install CP2102 drivers on your computer to begin with.
  • now that Connect the antenna and switch the power to “ON.”
  • To use the hardware in programming mode, simply straightaway plug in the USB cable and upload the code from the Arduino Console by selecting the appropriate com port from the tools.
  • The Com port LED illuminates during code dumping or data transmission between the device and the computer.
  • The blue LED indicates the GSM network status:
    • 1-second blinking = in Network Search Mode.
    • 3-second blinking = Network Acquired Successfully.
    • ½-second blinking = connected to GPRS.

    The orange LED indicates battery charging through the USB cable, with a battery capacity of 1000 mAh. The green LED indicates charging completion and a full battery.

    Conveniently interface external sensors and other I/O devices using the dedicated I/O pins on the board by soldering berg strips onto the board. External interfacing can also be achieved using AD0 to AD3 (internally pulled high), which are connected internally to Arduino Nano, with one of the white RMZ pin connected to ground.


Arduino Projects, IOT Products, Realtime Projects, GSM based server communication, Data logger, Temperature Monitoring System. Sensor Data Acquisition, SMS Triggering etc.


TX of GSM SIM800C is connected to D8 of Arduino Nano
RX of GSM SIM800C is connected to D7 of Arduino Nano
Red color TEST LED is connected to D9 of Arduino Nano.


For mode details on IOT Box you can check out on website HOW2Electronics

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