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4x4 Capacitive Touch keypad

  • Model: TTP229
  • Units in Stock: 98
  • Manufactured by: Graylogix


Product Description

16 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module uses the touch-sensing IC TTP229 to sense the touch input The touch detection IC is designed for replacing traditional direct button key with diverse pad size. The module has 16 touch pads. Power the module with 2.4 ~ 5.5V DC and the touch pad is all active to sense the input. Sixteen Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module is easy to interface. It can be used along with a microcontroller or an arduino or even without one. When a capacitive load (such as a human hand) is in close proximity to the sense-pad, the sensor detects the change in capacitance and activates the switch. Custom sense-pads can be made from nearly any conductive material and these sensors can detect touch through thin layers of non-conductive materials such as glass, plastic, fabric or even wood. Thus, the 16 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module can be hidden in wall or other places, a perfect alternative to get rid of the conventional push-button troubles. A total of 16 pads are available on this module. The sense-pads can also be extended with a wire or almost any conductive material.

Product Features
  • Onboard TTP229 capacitive touch sensor IC
  • Operating voltage 2.4V~5.5V.
  • Built-in regulator with external enable / disable option.
  • Operating current, @VDD=3V no load.
  • At low power mode typical 2.5uA.
  • At fast mode typical 9.0uA; @VDD=3V.
  • PCB Size: 49.3 x 64.5 mm

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